Thank you for visiting Mommy Versus Life!  A lifestyle blog focused on bringing everyday happiness through a series of bundled inspirations that will surely inspire everyone in building a joyful, adorable and warm home. On this blog, we share our eclectic finds of home decor projects:

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Crafts and DIY:


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And random motherhood adventure thrown in the mix. As well as bits of our life here in Dubai - facts and useful guide to surviving and enjoying the city. 


Picking the blog name – “Mommy Versus Life” has always been the number one choice for the blog title because it resonates the joy and exhaustion of everyday motherhood life, knowing there will be hard and frustrating times but amid the challenges there are shining moments of joy and satisfaction and “Mommy Versus Life” sounds about the right title for the topics, tone, and audience that I want to connect with.

Putting together this blog - Pheew! It was a gruelling process. At some point, I would love to tell you how I 'DIY'ed this blog' starting from 'scratch' with 'zero-technical-know-how' but that's another story altogether.

It's been a long journey - There was a moment when I sat down and asked myself... 

What if “wanting to talk about wonderful things and get the chance to share them with wonderful people who want to see the beauty of everyday things” is not enough? 

“What if I fail and fall flat on my face?” 

Suddenly I heard myself…

“Oh, but my darling Jen, what if you FLYYYYYY and soar high!?”

Thanks for checking us out today! I look forward to your everyday visits and I'm quite sure we will enjoy each other's company. Also, If you enjoyed my articles please don't forget to subscribe, comment or follow MVL social platforms to help me continue this amazing journey with you. 

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xx -Jen