Supercharge Your Style! 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf

11 APR 2016 | AUTHOR: JEN | ★ TIPS

Chances are, if you have a style flair, you’re also a fan of wearing scarves. Scarves are great for every season - from light chiffon scarves for spring and summer to voluminous cashmere scarves for fall to thick wool scarves for winter - scarves are the perfect accessory to compliment any outfit. Have you tried stylising or wear your scarf differently? Without any idea how to do it, that part can actually be tricky!

Wendy of Wendy's Lookbook is here to show us how she did it. By the way, her video is so amazing... she makes me want to wear scarfs even when I am just preparing breakfast cereal for my kids (smiley emoji here).

So let's all watch her amazingness... sit back, relax… learn and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed experimenting with your scarves today.  Talk to you guys soon. xx - Jen 

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