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Printables are great, as you will always own the file, so you can print and reprint whenever you need to! Try this printable recipe card that I stumble upon at The Creativity Exchange, for you to write down all those family recipes you may have accumulated over the years. Some of you may just want to shake things up by trying a new and healthier recipe or just simply wants to tidy up your recipe collections. You can't find a better way to write down those recipes in a cute stock card such as this. Also, If I may add I am in love with watercolor art! Trend wise... it's so hot right now so you're in for a treat.
You can easily buy the same acrylic recipe box in Daiso for a mere 7 Dirhams a pop. What a great way to store your recipe cards and to showcase its pretty colours.  
First - you will need to have Adobe Reader installed to be able to print the files.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can install it here for free. 
These recipe cards are intended to be printed double-sided; one side with the ingredients and one with the recipe methods and directions. I would recommend printing on thick white card stock. The PDF file has the recipe cards already aligned, so you can print the ingredient side first and then after printing, turn them over and on the backside, print the method/directions side instantly and cut them out. 
You will find the link to each file directly below each image:

I hope that these recipe cards will inspire you to try out new recipes this 2016!  The recipe cards along with the box would be a great gift idea for your foodie friend who loves to cook! xx - Jen

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