Photo Print Glitter Easter Eggs A La Maison


One of the traditions around here in ‘K clan’ is decorating our own Easter Eggs (and for lots of you out there too, I'm sure) There’s something in decorating eggs for Easter that charms me and my kids.  It's just a fun thing to do together - messy, colourful, creative, and... together.
This year, we decided to create a lasting memory by adhering our beloved family photos onto our Easter Eggs. Our Photo Print Glitter Easter Eggs A La Maison is the kind of project that will make you smile to think of, and absolutely giddy to see completed. To top it all, it's quite easy and super fun!


Prep the paper that you are going to print on.

STEP #2 
Print your pictures (picture size similar to 2x2 passport picture). 
*For easy printing, I created a 4 column table in MSWord to line up the pictures. 
*Tissue papers are flimsy and can be difficult to work with but if you fasten their edges properly then you'll have a crease (well, almost...) free tissue paper to print onto.

Once you're done printing, cut around the photo shapes, no need to be exact, but get as close as possible. If the tissue is more than 1 ply the bottom layers should slide away once the shape is cut out.  

Using a tiny brush, time to apply a very thin layer of Mod Podge to the egg and stick your cut out picture on it.

Your Easter Eggs will end up looking like my Easter Egg soldiers below.

Glitters! Glitters! And more glitters! This time you need to make sure that you smother the egg with a 'generous amount' of Mod Podge to accommodate the thick layer of glitters that should cover the egg. 

Then you're done.

And here we are... the TAADDDAA moment of our very own "Photo Print Glitter Easter Eggs".

Here are some of my fancy schmancy (translation... I went glitter crazy!) Easter Eggs.

These are great for hunts (Pssst… The bonus part is that these Easter Eggs are reusable. You can have them again next Easter!) or you could use them for decorating or place settings for dinner or brunch.

So... what do you think about our Photo Print Glitter Easter Eggs A La Maison? Are you decorating your own Easter Eggs? Please let me know what you think by leaving me a comment below. Thank you for sticking around! Happy Easter to you all and enjoy crafting your own Easter Eggs.

Thank you for your comments! Everything constructive will be included in the comment pool.

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