Awesomeness! Create An Edible Easter Terrarium


Decorating your home for the Easter holiday is always interesting because nothing is more meaningful than something made by yourself. With a little time, you can make this Edible Easter Terrarium to add festive atmosphere to your Easter decorated home and impress your kids this Easter in a unique way!

Easter Centerpieces
These charming Edible Easter Terrarium centerpieces make for a wonderful Easter holiday centerpiece or a delightful alternative to an Easter basket for a child.

Layer Your Terrarium
Add the chopped up English toffee to mimic gravel. Next add the crushed Oreos for dirt.

Plant the Grass
Add a bit of the edible Easter grass. This variety tastes like green sour apple.

Small speckled caramel candies are perfect for robin's eggs.

Get Creative
An ice cream cone with the bottom removed looks like an Easter basket. It is just the perfect size to fill with candies.

Choose Your Bunny
Keep in mind the size of your glass jar when you are selecting the perfect bunny.

Choose Your Flavors
With so many varieties of Easter candy available, the sky is the limit. Get creative!

Just pure awesomeness! This Edible Easter Terrarium will surely give your kids a lasting memory of their easter.
Love, love, love it... Did you? Please leave me a comment below. Give it bash and see your kids eyes pop with delight x
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