Out And About: Casual Weekend Volume 1


Oh my, this week has flown by! It's been pretty eventful around here at the 'K' clan. It’s a nice weather to be out and about in Dubai and we are certainly taking advantage.

We were out early, wanting to eat brekkie and we tried 'Marimekko'.

Not one, not two, but three play areas within Box Park. Jungle gym, life-size snakes and ladder, life-size plastic silicone rubber crocodile plus tortoise amongst other things. Full swing happiness for my two little monkeys!
My car needed washing. As always, my kiddos love being inside the car while the auto washer's big spinning bristles entertain them. Armed with snacks, water, juices and jokes… We had a cracking time while waiting. 

Hubby and I went for our movie saturdate. We've watched 'DEADPOOL' (Super fun film with crude superhero laughs, easily my favourite... If you haven't already, make sure to watch!). We also strolled a bit around Dubai Mall and had some grub at Soy. 
In the afternoon, the squad wanted to see the sunset so we headed out to our secret beach - played frisbee, built sand castle and went loco for photo as the golden hour came (a period shortly after sunset, aahh simply divine!).
Sun has set, the kiddos we're done playing, and the squad was hungry and thirsty. It’s high time to hit the fishing harbour 'Gourmet Souq' and pick our dinner spot. 
Dinner time! We went to 'Bait Misk', a very charming Lebanese Restaurant and enjoyed our fresh seafood.
Aaaahhh... we came home stuffed and tired (happy tired!). What a lovely weekend!

How about you? Did you have a good weekend? Where did you go? Did you do anything especial?

Thank you for your comments! Everything constructive will be included in the comment pool.

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