Super Cute No Sew DIY Rainbow Fish Costume


It’s the time of the year again when my daughter needs to dress up as her favourite book character for the 'World Book Day Celebration' in her school. Now you see, I can save myself the trouble and just let her be ‘Queen Elsa’ (let it go, let it go...) she got the whole caboodle anyways - dress, tiara, shoes, etc. However, I have this nagging feeling that there’ll be an army of Queen Elsa streaming through the school gates and my daughter will just be another Elsa that will get lost in the crowd.
Ok then, I should fix this nagging feeling... right? So off I went and asked my daughter what costume would best suit her and she chose to be 'Rainbow Fish' which is perfect for me on so many levels.

The ‘Rainbow Fish’ costume ticks all the right boxes - super easy, frugal, and very colourful but the best bit about this project is the 'no-sew' factor, which is really ideal for a mum like me who's not into sewing (yet!), I love that every bit in this project were held together using hot glue.

Moving along, here are some pointers to consider if you choose to do this project.
*The rainbow scales, there is no order to the colours at all. I just tried my best to not have 2 consecutive of the same colour touch.
*The shirt, it was my daughter's old long sleeve shirt that she used in a previous costume so I didn’t care what happened to it afterward so forget about buying a new shirt, there' no need for that!
*A good working condition glue gun is vital to the success of this project. You need to make sure that your glue gun will thinly dispense the hot glue.
*The fabric edges can fray really bad so you must make sure to secure the fabric ends by dragging the very edge next to the flame (move quickly and steadily to avoid burning the fabric or worse your finger!) I used the candle flame to heat seal every fraying edges.

I would say that this part was a bit boring but once you've done this, it's all fun and easy-peasy... I promise! 
Alright then, please help yourself with this infographic visual to guide you in DYI'ng this project.



I always find that it is easy to follow a DIY tutorial if I am looking at pictures rather than reading a step-by-step guide. Given that, If you find this infographic difficult to follow or you have questions about this tutorial, please don't hesitate to ask me.
Last but not the least, I would consider this project a 'free-range-diy'. The size, the style, and the look can be all subjective as long as you stick to the goal of looking like the 'Rainbow Fish' at the end then you'll be fine.
That's it really... we are all done here. I would love to see your own version of this DIY though, please do share an update of your project by commenting below or posting it on our facebook page.
Until our next DIY session... See you! x


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