Out And About: Anniversary Dinner Date At Prime 68


Hubby and I had our late wedding anniversary dinner date recently at Prime68 based on some online recommends and reviews. The ambiance is nice, with some wonderful views - you have a perfect breath-taking urban skyline view, the buzzing of SZR and the Canal and that is Prime68's unique selling point, and it's a strong one to have.


Their menu comprised of 4 sections - cold appetizer, hot appetizers, steaks & desserts.

First, they gave us basket of fresh baked bread then followed by a savoury mango souffle’ish sampler which is nice.

Starters were good and well presented. The scallops were average and the foie gras was excellent. Certainly the bourbon trolley was cool, ordered an old fashioned and they make it table side the proper way, that was fun.

photo sourced via Prime68

Then the main - we ordered the Tomahawk/prime rib for 2 done medium. Steak was unfortunately disappointing. It was quite dry and not very tender. I would have expected more from a steak specialist. Sides were good, sauces tasty which were needed to counter the dry steak. I felt they should have basted the steak properly or let it rest or something to keep it from drying.

photo sourced via Prime68

Dessert was good - cheesecake was on the house as it was our anniversary and they gave us a card so that was a nice touch.


Service was good, in fact it was too much. After our drinks came and all we were asked to often, how's the drink etc. It was disruptive. This is where the subtleties of good service come in to play. for e.g. don't come clear plates while one of the people is still eating. The best service should be not even felt, attentive yet discreet. It's a fine line.


The price is fairly standard for a proper steakhouse. We paid about dhs 1200 for:

2x set of hot starters
1x tomahawk/prime rib for 2
1x dessert
1x sparkling water
1x mocktail
1x old fashioned cocktail
1x glass of red
1x Irish coffee


The concept and design of this place is 1950 old Hollywood. They have this jazz, ragtime and broadway music playing in the background to compliment the look and feel of the place (not the best set of music though!). The tables and chairs have a boxy feel to them so we didn’t really feel relaxed plus the place is a bit too dark for my liking, in fact, we used our phone torches (other establishments have their own torch to help you read their menu...) so we can read their unreadable menu – the font was black, it has a white border set inside a black background design. So it's difficult to read.

photo sourced via Prime68

As an aside, the sky high bar Vault, just above on the 71st and 72nd floors, commands the same spectacular views, we had a few drinks there prior to Prime68 and it was amazing!

photo sourced via Vault


We would give this place a star rating of 4.4 out 5 because, despite the negatives, this wasn't a terrible meal. Nothing was inedible but we will not be in a rush to go back again.

Have you dined with them before? Maybe you a have completely different experience. We would love to hear them, tell us what you think of Prime 68.

Thanks for reading. See you!

*Prime 68, JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Business Bay, Dubai 
(+971) (0)4 414 3000

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