10 Ways To Rock A DIY Party Favours For Grown Ups


If you've cooked up a party recently, you know the importance of offering your guests a great favour at the end. I don't know about you but I love personalising favours, I feel that by doing so, I am giving my guests a special bit of who I am which is nice. Whether it's a wedding, birthday party, or shower - guests appreciate a favour that is thoughtful, creative, and festive. Offering guests a token of your appreciation for coming is always the sign of a good host. 

So here goes... my 10 cutest little find that sparked my imagination and creativity. With this fun creative party favour, you'll surely be a hit with your guests. Pssst... These projects are also frugal and surely won't break the bank! By the way, I'm crazy about favours #3, 8 & 10! 

/1/ Stamped Coffee Bean or Tea Bag.

Share your favourite coffee bean or your personal tea mixture that you dried and mixed yourself with your guests.

/2/ Golden Nugget Photo Holder.

If you have a photo booth for your wedding then this DIY photo holder will surely complement that.

/3/ Send your guests home with some sweet succulents.

Your guests will love heading home with a growing plant that is also a symbol of your growing love.

/4/ Customize your guests' wine glasses.

This personalization of each guest's wine glass is magic. For even more fun, allow your guests to write their names themselves.

/5/ Personalize some mini wine bottles.

Everyone loves getting sent home with wine, but they'll love it even more if you take the time to personalize the bottle with their names.

/6/ Send home guests with a s'mores kit.

These little kits are handy, budget-friendly, and easy to put together. These are favors that will be a hit with both children and adults. 

/7/ Dip some pinecones to make fire starter


These favours are great for a Christmas party, and they smell amazing and festive when used in the fireplace.

/8/ Tie up some mini-monogrammed


These party favors are inexpensive to make, and the letters corresponding with your guests' names are a nice personal touch.

/9/ Mold some birdseed heart favors.

These party favours are cheap to make, and they are incredibly easy to put it together. They'll look amazing on your party table, as well as on your guest's tree branches later on.

/10/ Put loose leaf tea in glass tubes with labels.

For guests who are hard to decipher, these tea favours are sure to please. Mix up the varieties, or send your guests home with a tea medley.

What about you? which favour will be your next giveaway? Please do share your thoughts by commenting below. 

Happy DYI'ng... see you soon!

Thank you for your comments! Everything constructive will be included in the comment pool.

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