20 Apps To Help You Become A Potty Training Ninja

12 JAN 2015 | AUTHOR: JEN | ★ TIPS > BUBS & TOTS

I enjoy many things about motherhood. Changing diapers is not one of them. So when my second daughter (who I am currently potty training) won't respond to my old-fashioned method, I decided to reach out for other alternative means to train her. 

I did my fair share of research and learn that there's a potty training app that I can download to help me potty train my baby. The article said that it was created by a DESPERATE mom that had tried all potty training techniques... I'm hooked, they had me at 'desperate'. 

So I’ve browsed Google App Store for potty-training help. I’ve spent the past few days looking at two kinds of potty-training apps—books that help kids learn what it’s like to go diaper-free, and all-in-one apps that combine extras like progress charts and videos with stories about potty training. And along the way, discovered other apps that stood out from their potty-training compatriots. 

1. Baby Daybook - daily tracker by DrillyApps | FREE | Review Rating:  4.6

2. Pretty Alice Daily Fun by TutoTOONS | FREE | Review Rating:  4.1

3. Potty Time by Two Little Hands Productions | FREE | Review Rating:  4.1    

4. Baby Panda´s Daily Life by BabyBus | FREE | Review Rating:  3.9

5. Potty Baby by OwenTech | FREE | Review Rating:  3.7

6. Potty Train Baby Eva by Dress Up Who | FREE | Review Rating:  3.4

7. Elmo Calls by Sesame Street by Sesame Workshop | FREE | Review Rating:  3.8

8. Aquapo Poo Poo Toilet Training by Yellephant  | FREE | Review Rating:  3.8

9. Feed the Baby 2 - Home Play by  Kissta Koala | FREE | Review Rating:  3.7

10. PottiTrain by OrianApps | FREE | Review Rating:  3.4

11. Potty Training - KIM by KidzInMind | FREE | Review Rating:  4.0

12. Polly Potty Train by Frank Carter | FREE | Review Rating:  3.1

13. Potty Training Game by Russpuppy | FREE | Review Rating:  3.4

14. Potty Potty Cute Baby App by Bulbul Inc. | FREE | Review Rating:  4.0


15. Potty Training by Jais Joy | BUY for AED 13.90 | Review Rating:  3.2

16. Once Upon a Potty: Girl by Oceanhouse Media, Inc. | BUY for AED 7.31 | Review Rating:  4.2

17. Once Upon a Potty: Boy by Oceanhouse Media, Inc. | BUY for AED 7.31 | Review Rating:  4.2

18. Potty Training by 1tucan   | BUY for AED 13.90 | Review Rating:  3.8

19. The New Potty - Little Critter by Oceanhouse Media, Inc. | BUY for AED 7.31 | Review Rating:  4.7

20. See Me Go Potty by AvaKid Productions | BUY for AED 7.31 | Review Rating:  4.3

I'm pretty sure if you are desperate like me, you will be happy to know that there's an App that can help us solve our problem. 

So are you using a potty training App that wasn't listed here? Or a unique technique to potty train your little one(s). Do share by leaving us a comment below, we love to hear from you. Thanks for dropping by and see you again soon!

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